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Able Cloud Vlog Post #1: Use Phone Camera & Files to Attach Receipts to Expense Records

While produced for our MEP clients this solution is applicable to ANY company…

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My Lead Conversion Nightmare #CRM #Salesforce #Sales lead conversion. It would seems that the built-in lead conversion process would be a true blessing but it is full of caveats that are, of course, not acknowledged let alone documented.
How did I learn this? By getting burned. By insisting that I use as much native functionality as possible before looking to apps or custom configuration. […]

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American Hustle #salesforce #CRM #sales

As an entrepreneur who is solely responsible for the success and failure of her company, I often get paid to tell my clients what they do not want to hear. Namely, why their sales goalsand/or why sales forecasts–reported by the reps themselves– are not being met .
Answer: We are human. We cannot help but believe that everyone wants […]

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Heaven in My New “Generate Invoice” Button

I finally did it. After 4 years I finally set time aside to set up Conga Composer (by @CongaMerge) for my very own instance of I run my entire company on and can proudly say that that now includes invoicing. I hate QuickBooks and loathed the time spent compiling my time entries, generating […]

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#1 Reason it Sucks to Be a Marketing User

The Marketing App is is constructed in a thoughtful manner in terms of how the data needs to be stored in order for Users to draw the necessary conclusions from its CRM system about what Campaigns are doing vis-a-vis the influx on inbound Leads and the number of Opportunities they generate. Without going Campaign […]

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MEP Center Performance Improvement Using Webinar, 3/13/2013

[ March 13, 2013; 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm. ] On Wednesday, March 13, 2013 from 2-3 pm EDT, the nation’s MEP Centers are invited to join a free online webinar conducted by Able Cloud. In our hour together we’ll outline the business processes and functions (e.g. NIST Reporting) that your current or planned instance of ought to be doing for you. This first-hand […]

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It’s All in the Inflection Points, Silly #salesforce

Is your sales plan achievable? Is your team missing its sales goals? You may need to examine your inflection points to understand if the quality and quantity of what your marketing and TRUE sales efforts are doing to feed the funnel as well as do what’s necessary at each inflection point. #salesforce Continue reading

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Why NFP Should Not Use the NFP Starter Pak #Salesforce

A few years ago a NFP adopting was dumbfounded that Able Cloud would even suggest not actually using the NFP Start Pak (a collection of donor-driven designed custom apps that are collectively referred to as the Not-For-Profit Start Pak). Below is my synopsis for my point of view. As I’ve always said: Each […]

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School of Thought #2: Convert, Then Qualify

Okay, so this post may be simple: Convert, then Qualify. Too simple you say? Okay, I’ll give you that since my last post (Qualify, then Convert) probably seemed pretty one sided. I’ll try and explain my point of view in case you missed the last post.
I rarely see reason (if you follow the rules below) […]

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Lead Conversion Protocol- The Hornet’s Nest We All Avoid

Yeah, sure we have a Lead Conversion Protocol (LCP). I mean not having one would seem wasteful when we spend $$$ on marketing, inside sales, and outside sales every year….right?
My money is on your LCP being MIA or DOA–either way no two frontline staff will give you the same answers to the following questions:

What constitutes […]

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