App Partners

You see it all the time: Partners, Our Partners, Strategic Partnerships. Able Cloud installs and configures a wide variety of apps for clients. Given this experience we are admittedly partial to select apps that we’ve either use in our own instance of and/or that we deem preferential based on how seamless the install is and/or how easy and effective the app is to our client users.

Make no mistake: You, our client, come ahead of any partnerships or preferences our staff may have. Unless you’ve already committed to an app, you will be advised of all your options and the pros & cons of each so you decide which app best fits your needs.

Most clients say, “I need document construction”, “I need a mass email app” or “Can I integrate with QuickBooks?”. When we’re asked to recommend and/or implement an app you’ve already committed to we make it our job to look at two things:

  1. Does the app in question truly meet your specific needs?
  2. Does the app truly integrate with and fulfill all of its sleak marketing brochure promises?

Able Cloud has actually stopped being a partner with certain apps. When we’ve either used the app ourselves with less-than-stellar results or look under the hood to find a hornet’s nest you will benefit from these experiences–saving you headaches, time and money.

Each app has its pros and cons. It’s at Able Cloud that you can be rest assured we’ll share those we know about with you before you decide.

Below are the few categories of apps we work with frequently. Each is either used by our staff and/or has recently implemented for a client (and that we would gladly do so again).

Document Construction, Distribution, & Scheduled Sends




Data Cleansing (Dedupe, Manipulation, Import, and More)MainCRMfusion DemandToolsLogo[1]_1 DEupeBlocker No Background PeopleImport

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