Salesforce for Outlook + Global Actions = Pragmatic User

Ok, so here I am again: The partner who actually uses the same way our clients do. Yes, we have the same nerve-wrecking heartaches you do. To prove it, see how we unwittingly discovered an unplanned benefit when both Salesforce for Outlook and Salesforce1 were setup (and the former was actually working).

Challenge: When in Outlook and using the Salesforce for Outlook side panel there is no way to CREATE A NEW CONTACT when an unrecognized email address comes into the inbox. I can add the received email to SF if the email address is already tied to an existing Lead or Contact. That’s nice. But my day is made up of making new connections. I don’t have time to go into SF and manually create a new Contact by hand!!!

If you are like me then you should consider using Global Actions. Namely, the New Contact global action. Hopefully you can follow the images below to clone what I did.

global actions 1

global actions 2

global actions 3


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