What We Do

Able Cloud Advisors prides itself on how well we meet the unique needs of each of our clients. Since March 2010 we have served over 32 different clients and managed over 40 projects–many of which are listed and rated by clients on our Salesforce.com App Exchange listing here.

Whether your company needs a standard implementation (if there is such a thing), ad hoc Q & A support for your System Admin, or a partner to handle a high-profile, high stakes project with a defined set of deliverables, below are a few reasons why Able Cloud invites you to talk to one of our Salesforce.com certified staff:

  • We specialize in RE-implementation–In case you don’t bother with the rest of this list know that over 50% of our business is fixing existing (or in some sad cases throwing out and starting over) implementations. While you’ll be smarter to hire someone qualified theafter a failed launch why let there be a second implementation? Re-implementations often cost more than the original implementation would have cost you if you had hired Able Cloud in the first place, but since we’re more affordable than most partners your implementation might actually cost less than what you were charged by a big name firm. ¬†
  • We’re certified–Did we say that already? We couldn’t help ourselves. Each and every person who touches your project has at least one Salesforce.com certification. It’s not easy to get certified nor is it easy to stay certified. Verify our credentials and those of other Salesforce.com partners’ project members¬†here.
  • We actually use Salesforce.com–From Web-to-Lead and Web-to-Case functions very frew Salesforce.com users take advantage of through timesheets and CongaMerge app integration to create and send invoices, we run our entire company on Salesforce.com. When others advise you based on theoretical usage, we advise you based on first-hand user experience since 1999.
  • Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud Knowledge–We know and account for the good, the bad and the ugly that each native app provides to users like you. If you even suspect that you’re not fully or correctly leveraging Salesforce then you probably are not. In a quick phone call we can tell you what you’re missing out on and what to avoid.
  • License Agreement Review–You’re likely paying for things you don’t or should not be using. Our advice? Talk to a qualified, knowledge partner like Able Cloud who has no stake in what you ultimately purchase about what best to commit to before signing on the dotted line. Remember, it’s a minimum year commitment. That’s longer than some marriages.
  • No Big Exec Sell-Junior Staff Swap Surprises–The same fine folks who you talk to on your first phone call are the ones who will serve you. You won’t be courted by a savvy, sweet-talking executive only to be handed over to a junior staffer who doesn’t have the work experience or wherewithal to fulfill all the promises told to you when you signed the contract.
  • We wrote the book on Salesforce.com, literally–Our President Annette Abell authored a 5-day Salesforce.com System Administrator course that was published in 2014. We’re pretty proud of that work. Ask for a free copy of the first two lessons. We promise you’ll learn more than you ever thought possible. The actual course spans 14 lessons chuck full of I-wish-knew-that-before facts that anyone with the System Admin profile needs. Buy the course book with online exercises here.

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