An Easy-to-Use and Storage-Free Video App for Salesforce

What Does It Do

It’s simple. Able Video provides your users with an in-context, on-demand,
storage-free video player.


Imagine you’re on a record in Salesforce® and need video content. Maybe the context is training or background on a new Account left by the last Account Manager. Until we created the Able Video App there was nothing that allowed you to render a video on your Lightning page in a component. All the apps out there took you away from the record—sometimes to a place outside of Salesforce®—then expected your users to miraculously remember where they started and to figure out how to navigate back to that record.

The best part (okay there are a few reasons why it’s awesome, not just one) is that the app is so easy to use and set up. You produce your own training content (Able Cloud will help, if you like) and create a single or multiple inventory of videos. (Hello! See below for how you can make a menu of videos available to your users on a single page.) You store those videos on your intranet, YouTube channel using private listings, Vimeo account or wherever. Then you label and link the videos in the Able Video Lightning Component to your videos using a URL, include the component on your Lightning Page layouts, save and enjoy!

Imagine what this can do for onboarding new staff who rarely get enough training. The applications are boundless.

Again: is super cool because it’s in context, on demand, and storage free.

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Able Cloud Advisors worked tirelessly to become a Salesforce® ISV and have it pass the Salesforce® stringent security review so it could be sold on the App Exchange here.